Laravel 2015 In Review


December 16th, 2015

Laravel 2015

As 2015 comes to a close it’s a great time to look back on just what all happened throughout this year and it was busy for Laravel.

We seen Laravel 5.0 and 5.1 released and a new microframework Lumen. Also, some of our favorite tools like Elixir and Homestead received nice upgrades. All that plus two conferences, many meetups, and an active and vibrant community. It’s awesome to see.

Coming up next is going to be the release of Laravel 5.2 and the official Laravel Spark. It appears there is no slowing down.

Below is a timeline of some of the events and resources from this year.

2015 In Review --------------
January#### [Laravel 5](

Laravel 5 was released to great fan fare.

Laravel Slack Chat

Laravel Slack chat was announced to the world. It has grown to almost 7,000 members.

Real Time Refactoring

Adam Wathan refactors in real time. Little did we know this would be shaping his Laracon talk.

February#### [Gistlog](

Gistlog, the blogging engine powered by GitHub gists launched.

Changelog Podcast

Taylor was featured on the Changelog podcast talking about Laravel and it’s ideals.

Blackfire with Homestead

Laravel Homestead added support for the SensioLabs Blackfire Profiler.

Jack McDade

Interview with Jack about the new design for

Laravel Debugbar

A short review of everyone’s favorite debugging system.

March#### [Advanced Eloquent](

Laracasts started a series on covering advanced Eloquent topics

Envoyer Launched

Taylor launched Envoyer that offers simple zero down time deploys.

Spanish Laravel Documentation

Fernando Montoya has started translating the Laravel documentation for the Spanish community.

Laravel is number one, again

Laravel won Sitepoint’s framework survey for the second year in a row

Mike Dugan

In March we lost a friend and great person.

April#### [Lumen Launched](

The fast microframework Lumen launched.

Laravel 5.1 hints started dropping

As with all new releases, Taylor started sharing new features early.

May#### [Laravel Long Time Support](

The first Laravel LTS was announced.

Socialite Providers

The community created a massive list of 70+ socialite providers.

Easy E-Commerce

I launched my first book on Laravel and Stripe.

Laravel In South Korea

Spotlight on a user group in South Korea

June#### [Lumen Art](

NinjaGrl created a painting for Lumen.

Laravel 5.1 Released

LTS, PSR-2, and easier unit testing!

Packagist got a new skin

Packagist, the PHP Package repository, received a new design. I should have taken a screen shot of the before and after.

PHP Turned 20

PHP as a language had a birthday

Freek Van der Herten

I interviewed Freek who created a ton of stuff this year.

Laravel Jobs

LaraJobs turned one

July#### [Laravel Daily](

Povilas Korop started a new site sharing daily Laravel Tips that he discovers while using the framework.

Elixir Version 3

Version 3 features true sequential tasks, more explicit logging, and easier configuration.

Php Pandas

Dayle Rees launched a new intro PHP book.

August#### [Laracon US](

Laracon was held in Louisville KY on August 11th.

Laracon EU

Laracon EU was the week after the US conference.

Laravel 5.1.11

Laravel 5.1.11 was released, featuring a brand new Authorization or ACL system to make restricting access easier than ever.

September#### [Laravel Spark](

The alpha version of Laravel Spark was announced.

Tutorial: Multilingual Support in Eloquent

A guest post by Freek Van der Herten

Laravel Doctrine

A project to create a drop-in Doctrine2 implementation for Laravel 5+.

October#### [Homestead added PHP 7](

PHP 7 was official yet but Homestead added support.

Elixir added Browsersync

Laravel Elixir 3.3 was released and included support for Browsersync

Model Factories

Laravel News featured a tutorial on Model Factories

Add Tagging to Laravel

A tutorial on how to add tagging to your Laravel app

Elixir With Bootstrap

A tutorial to help you setup bootstrap with Laravel Elixir

Laravel News Podcast

I started a new podcast here on Laravel News

November#### [What’s coming to Laravel 5.2](

A list of some new features to the next version of Laravel

Homestead added MySQL 5.7 and Node 5

Support for the MySQL JSON column type.

Laracon 2016 dates announced

Get ready for Laracon 2016 and mark your calendars.

Laravel php[world] keynote

Taylor gave a keynote at php[world] and they recorded the talk.

December#### [PHP 7 released](

PHP 7 was released to the world.

PHP 7 Video

Zend made a video announcing PHP 7 with elePHPants.

LaraVer Released

Mike Bronner created a new app to keep up with Laravel changes

Koel Music Streaming

Phan An created a new music streaming app built with Laravel.

Laravel 5.2 is released

The much anticapted Laravel 5.2 was released and includes multiple authentication driver support, implicit model binding, simplified Eloquent global scopes, opt-in authentication scaffolding, middleware groups, rate limiting middleware, array validation improvements, and more.

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