Over 2,700 of you took the Laravel survey! Below we’ve published the results along with some additional analytical analysis and a subset of the replies we received to the open ended questions.

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What's the one reason why you selected Laravel over other frameworks?

Ease of use continues to be at the top of the list of reasons to choose Laravel. Just like last year, the docs and community are the top reason for many people as well.

What size Laravel projects do you work on?

Laravel continues to be a great choice for projects of all sizes.

In the next 12 months I'll be using Laravel in:

2/3rd’s of respondents will be using Laravel in more projects next year.

Laravel is mature and robust enough for:

We’re seeing growing confidence in Laravel with again over 2/3rd’s of respondents believing it to be enterprise ready.

Are you able to find the quantity and quality of Laravel developers you need?

We’re obviously particularly interested in this one :) For those respondents who were hiring managers, nearly half can’t find the quantity or quality of developers they need.

If you haven’t tried LaraJobs yet, give it a look!

I'd love it if there were more Laravel:

What sector best describes your business:

The number of employees in your business:


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