Angular 2.0 final is now released

Angular 2.0 final is now released

Today, at a special meetup at Google HQ, the Angular team has released version 2.0.

Angular 1 first solved the problem of how to develop for an emerging web. Six years later, the challenges faced by today’s application developers, and the sophistication of the devices that applications must support, have both changed immensely. With this release, and its more capable versions of the Router, Forms, and other core APIs, today you can build amazing apps for any platform. If you prefer your own approach, Angular is also modular and flexible, so you can use your favorite third-party library or write your own.

Now that version 2.0 is released the Angular team is not planning on slowing down. Their future plans includes more guides, live examples, Angular Material 2, moving WebWorkers out of experimental, and bug fixes and non-breaking features for APIs marked as stable.

Another big change is Angular is now moving to semantic versioning, MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, as defined by semver.

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