Announcing Building a Chatbot with Laravel and BotMan

Announcing Building a Chatbot with Laravel and BotMan

Bots are the tools of the future, and they can be used for everything from customer support, all the way to offering productivity tools like scheduling or reminders. Many people live inside their messaging app of choice which makes bots feel comfortable, and a perfect fit for reaching them.

Today, we are happy to announce a brand new book, Building a Chatbot with Laravel and Botman, that is written by Joe Dixon the founder and CTO of ubisend, a company specializing in bot development.

“I’ve been building chatbots for over two years. Being a brand new technology, there was very little in the way of best practice available when I started, and I still feel that to be the case now.”, Joe said on the reason he wanted to write this book, “I want to help those who don’t know where to start.”

Chatbots are taking the world by storm, and Gartner Research is estimating that by 2020, the average person will have more conversations with their bot than with their spouse.

As a developer, it would be great to have the skills needed to build custom bots, and this book walks you through a tutorial to create your own chatbot. You’ll learn how to effectively plan, build, test and deploy your very own chatbot while covering the core concepts of chatbot development.

Buy the book now through Sunday for the special launch price of $15! Get ahead of the curve and learn how to build a chatbot today, using the tools you already know.

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