Debugging Laravel with Zend Z-Ray


January 27th, 2015

Zend has recently released a new product named Z-Ray which is a debugging solution that works with Zend Server and integrates seamlessly into Laravel apps.

If you have ever used other debug bars in the past then you will feel right at home as soon as you see it. It’s a DOM loaded bar positioned fixed at the bottom of your site and allows you to see all important information right from within your browser.

![Execution Time & Memory Usage](
Execution Time & Memory Usage
Once you open the bar you will see tabs for all the important areas you, as a developer, need to keep up with. Memory, Execution Time, Event Monitoring, Database Queries, and Request Info. Plus it even supports mobile and web services debugging.

Just that alone is nice but Z-Ray also hooks directly into Laravel and includes framework specific features such as Events, Routes, Sessions, User Information, the Views in use, and even composer packages.

![Debugging Laravel Views](
Debugging Laravel Views
It’s a powerful debugger and if you’d like to find out more checkout their [product page]( and also the [live demo]( Just keep in mind you do need Zend server in order to use it.

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