Announcing F-Bar for Laravel Forge on iOS

Announcing F-Bar for Laravel Forge on iOS

F-Bar is an iOS application to manage and monitor your Laravel Forge servers from your Apple device, by Jan Östlund. Using the Forge API, you have access to your servers on the go!

You can generate SSH keys from the app and SSH into your server with the app’s built-in SSH client or Panic’s Prompt iOS app.

Some of the highlight features include:

  • Watch events
  • Server stats
  • Restart servers and services
  • Watch logs
  • Built-in terminal or use Panic’s Prompt iOS app
  • Generate SSH-keys
  • Edit configurations

I think it’s pretty cool that you can see server stats to periodically see your disk usage, RAM allocation, and CPU load ????

We’ve covered the launch of F-Bar and F-Bar Version 2 for OS X, if you are interested in a desktop version of F-Bar too!

You can get F-Bar for iOS from the app store and in this week’s Laravel newsletter we will include three free coupon codes. Be ready at 8AM EST when it first arrives because they will go fast.

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