F-Bar Version 2 is Now Available


November 9th, 2017

F-Bar is a Mac OS X application by Jan Östlund that allows you to manage your Laravel Forge servers from the menubar:

Soon after the Forge API was released, Jan released the first version of F-Bar that we covered here on Laravel News, and version two builds upon the original application with new features. Version two is a free upgrade for existing customers.

What’s New in Version 2?

For the full details, check out the official blog post about V2. The following is a quick overview:

Launch SSH Connections with Hyper

Users can now launch an SSH connection on a Forge server with Hyper terminal. F-Bar had support for Terminal and iTerm in V1, however, because Hyper is built on top of Electron, it cannot be controlled by events sent by AppleScript.

Desktop Push Notifications

It’s now possible to receive push notifications for completed deployments. Jan came up with an ingenious solution to notifying the application when a deployment is complete. You add a cURL request to the end of your deployment script, and the F-Bar pusher service takes care of communicating with the Apple Push Notification Service. The F-Bar Pusher application is built with Laravel 5.5.

Configuration Window

Added keyboard shortcuts for a faster workflow:

  • Cmd-S saves the content
  • Cmd-W closes the window
  • Cmd-R reloads the content, nice if you are looking into deployment logs

Icon in dock

F-Bar now has an icon in the dock, making it easier to TAB to find and select the app when you are running Spaces:

Swift 4

The project’s source code was updated to Swift 4.

Learn More

F-Bar 2 is available for $14.95 at the time of writing and comes with a ten-day trial.

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