LaraTalent – A New Way to Hire and Get Hired

LaraTalent – A New Way to Hire and Get Hired

LaraTalent is a brand new take on getting you the best job or the best employee.

LaraTalent turns the job search process on its head. As part of a hand-selected group presented to employers, YOU get their full attention and YOU select the employers you’d like to interview with. When employers compete, you win. — Ian Landsman

For Developers

Rather than trying to convince each and every company with a job opening to interview you, you only have to convince LaraTalent. Once you are approved they’ll feature you to employers and they can then contact you and ask for an interview.

You’re in the driver’s seat approving the interview requests with the companies you find most interesting.

For Employers

LaraTalent cherry-pick’s the best full stack PHP developers and send them to your email every Tuesday. This gives you access to pre-vetted PHP developers and technical talent you won’t find anywhere else.

LaraTalent is created by UserScape, creators of LaraJobs, Laracon Online, and HelpSpot. Visit the site to find out more information and to get started on your next job hunt.

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