Laravel 5.7 is now released!


September 4th, 2018

Laravel 5.7 is now released!

Laravel 5.7 is now released and available to everyone. This release introduces several new features and many bug fixes and improvements over 5.6. Some of the new features include:

New Resources Directory

The resources directory is now flattened removing the “assets” folder that appeared in previous versions. For example, in previous versions the resources directory looked like this:

├── assets
│ ├── js
│ └── sass
├── lang
│ └── en
└── views

Now in Laravel 5.7 it’s changed to the following:

├── js
├── lang
├── sass
└── views

New pagination customizations

Laravel 5.7 has a new pagination method to customize the number of links on each side of the paginator. Thanks to the new method you no longer need a custom pagination view in some cases. Here’s the API you can use to define the link count on each side of the current page:


Improved Error Messages

Laravel 5.7 makes it easier than ever to track down error messages caused by dynamic calls to Eloquent models (and other parts of the framework) thanks to Bouncer developer Joseph Silber!

Ever mistyped a method on an Eloquent model and got a cryptic error saying that the method doesn't exist *on the query builder*

Well, in @laravelphp 5.7 you'll now get a clear, concise message saying that the method doesn't exist on the model

— Joseph Silber (@joseph_silber) August 12, 2018

New Error Page Designs

Steve Schoger created new designs for error pages like the 404, 500, and more…

Giving the Laravel error pages a makeover this week. I made these illustrations to go with each:

— Steve Schoger (@steveschoger) August 23, 2018

More New Features

With the release today Laravel 5.7 will receive bug fixes and updates until February 2019 and security fixes until August 2019. The upgrade from 5.6 should be pretty easy and you can find the full upgrade guide in the documentation.

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