Run Multiple Sail Apps Locally With Fleet


January 25th, 2023

Run Multiple Sail Apps Locally With Fleet

Laravel Fleet is a package by Andrew Schmelyun to run multiple Laravel Sail websites locally with custom domain names:

Laravel Sail uses Docker and Docker Compose to spin up containers that create a local development environment for your application.

By default, the containers are bound to the :80 port of your local machine. Spinning up a second application results in a failure due to port conflicts, but you can always adjust it so that the second app is available at something like :8081

Instead, Fleet provides a small set of commands that alter your docker-compose.yml file to provide support for Traefik, a reverse proxy that runs on a Docker container.

This package provides artisan commands to add Fleet support to an application. Once you install the Fleet package, you can add your application using the fleet:add command:

php artisan fleet:add
php artisan fleet:add my-app.localhost
./vendor/bin/sail up

And your application should be available using the domain provided. Using the fleet:stop Artisan command, you can stop all fleet-powered applications. Check out aschmelyun/fleet for complete setup instructions and documentation.

Andrew also has a YouTube video if you want a deeper dive into using Traefik to manage multiple sites with Docker Compose.

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