Speeding Up PHP with OPcache in Docker
Laravel Tutorials / December 04, 2018

Speeding Up PHP with OPcache in Docker

If you’re on Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows, you might see some noticeable slowness and time to the first byte (TTFB) depending on your application’s setup. One of the most important things you can do to improve performance is enabling the OPCache module. Let’s look at how we can configure OPcache is a way that is development-friendly, but also ready to go to production when the time comes!

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Announcing Docker for PHP Developers Video Course
News / September 19, 2018

Announcing Docker for PHP Developers Video Course

Since the release of his book in January, Laravel News writer Paul Redmond, has been working on a Docker for PHP Developers video course, a hands-on, tutorial style book + videos on using Docker and PHP in development. Today, the Docker for PHP Developers video course is available for purchase!

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Creating Multi-Stage Docker Builds for Laravel
Laravel Tutorials / August 17, 2018

Creating Multi-Stage Docker Builds for Laravel

Starting in Docker version 17.05 multi-stage builds are available to help you optimize Dockerfiles. Using multi-stage builds is a clean way to set up a Docker build pipeline that simplifies the requirements you need on your CI/build server to create a Docker image for your app. Come along with me and learn how to use multi-stage builds with Laravel and other PHP applications.

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Running the Laravel Scheduler and Queue with Docker
Laravel Tutorials / April 25, 2018

Running the Laravel Scheduler and Queue with Docker

In Laravel, one of the tricky changes when switching from a virtual server to Docker is figuring out how to run a scheduler and a queue worker. I see this question come up quite a bit when PHP developers are trying to figure out how to use Laravel with Docker.

Should you run them on the host server? Should you run via cron in a Docker container?

There are a couple of ways I recommend running the scheduler command and Laravel queues in Docker, and we’re going to cover the b... Read more…

Vessel is a Lightweight Docker Environment for Laravel
Laravel Packages / October 30, 2017

Vessel is a Lightweight Docker Environment for Laravel

Vessel is a new package by Chris Fidao—the author of Server for Hackers and Shipping Docker—that makes working with Docker in your Laravel projects a breeze.

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Free Video Course: Docker for Development
Laravel Tutorials / October 28, 2016

Free Video Course: Docker for Development

Chris Fidao put together a free mini-series on using Docker for Development with Laravel. The series is ten individual videos covering all the basics to get up and running. This includes how to use and build multiple containers, networking, and persisting data, as well as a development workflow. A full course will also be launched …

Laravel Tutorials / March 24, 2016

How to scale Laravel horizontally with Docker

Andrew McLagan has a new tutorial on scaling horizontally with docker. Andrew goes through setting up a Docker container and a tool called Docker Compose, a tool enables us to start multiple Docker containers at once from a single configuration file, rather than starting each container individually.

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Laravel Packages / March 09, 2016

LaraDock Homestead for Docker

LaraDock is a Laravel Homestead Docker project that aims to bring Homestead to Docker. LaraDock strives to make the development experience easier. It contains pre-packaged Docker Images that provides you a wonderful development environment without requiring you to install PHP, NGINX, MySQL, REDIS, and any other software on your local machine. Last week I covered …

Laravel Tutorials / March 03, 2016

Docker for Laravel Homestead

For all the Docker fans, Derek Bourgeois has created laraedit-docker, a Dockerized version of Laravel Homestead. Installing the LaraEdit container is as simple as running a docker pull with laraedit/laraedit once you have docker installed. Here is a video Derek put together showing it in action: You can find more documentation on the GitHub repo.

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