Lean Admin — A custom admin panel framework for Laravel (sponsor)

Lean Admin — A custom admin panel framework for Laravel (sponsor)

Lean is an admin panel package for Laravel that’s focused on building customer-facing admin panels.

It has a similar concept of resources as Laravel Nova, but it’s fundamentally different in:

  • being built with Blade, which lets any Laravel developer be productive with it
  • being focused on customers-facing, not developer-facing admin panels

After you define the fields in your resource classes, you get screens for the index, create, edit, and show actions. This makes it very fast to get up and running.

But the best part is that it doesn’t end at basic CRUD actions. They are meant to be the starting point for your admin panel. Define the resources as they exist in the database, and then customize them so that they make sense to your users.

You can customize any single part of it either by publishing the Blade views of individual components, or using custom Livewire actions.

For example, you may want to use a custom Edit Order action, to give your non-developer colleagues a great user experience. That way they can work with a custom UI for ordered products, dynamic shipping methods, automatically updating checkout totals, and anything else your app might need.

This lets your users use screens that feel like the actual business concepts that they’re working with, rather than low level database resources. It’s an admin panel for humans. They don’t edit database records, they edit orders.

And thanks to the tech stack and implementation, the amount of boilerplate or repetitive code in your project is minimal. It’s a truly lean solution.

So, in short: Lean is an admin panel that’s as productive as Laravel Nova, and as customizable as an admin panel written from scratch.

To read more about Lean and get access to an early release at a significantly discounted price, visit our website at lean-admin.dev


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