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January 3rd, 2018


Rainglow editor themes is a collection of over 250 themes for a variety of different editors and software by Dayle Rees. The Visual Studio Code themes have over 10,000 installations at the time of writing and Dayle is releasing new themes regularly.

It’s probably the most complete collection of themes, like, ever. At the time of writing, themes are available for Visual Studio Code, JetBrains products, Sublime Text, Atom, Vim, Xcode, Coda, Visual Studio, Sequel Pro, iTerm2, and Macdown.

A couple of standouts from my perspective include:


One of the newest additions to Rainglow is three Laracasts themes (Laracasts Contrast shown below), including Laracasts, Laracasts Contrast, and Laracasts Light.

Gloom Contrast

One of Dayle’s favorite dark themes is Gloom Contrast, which you can also get in Gloom and Gloom Light.


Lichen is a clean theme released recently in light, dark, and contrast (dark shown below):


Horizon is a beautiful theme with nice purples and oranges and comes in dark, contrast, and light:

Peacocks in Space

Peacocks in space is always a fan favorite and dates back to the original Dayle Rees themes. As with most themes, this one comes in a light and contrast variant (Peacocks in Space dark theme shown)


One of my personal favorites (along with the new Laracasts theme) is the Laravel theme (represent, yo) and has been my default theme for a while now (Laravel Dark shown):

Learn More

Visit rainglow.io to browse themes an get installation instructions for your editor of choice. Also, follow @daylerees on Twitter to see the newest themes and upcoming releases/updates.

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