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Laravel Tutorials / November 19, 2015

Make Homestead Tab Complete Case Insensitive

I use ohmyzsh for my local shell and one feature that really spoils me is the ability to tab complete without matching the case. By default, Ubuntu and Homestead do not have this but support can be easily added by running the following command inside your VM: echo set completion-ignore-case on | sudo tee -a …

News / November 13, 2015

Laravel Homestead Now with MySQL 5.7 and Node 5.0

Announced today is a new update to the Homestead Vagrant box. This release adds support for MySQL 5.7 and Node 5.0. You can grab the latest version by running: vagrant box update Also, with the addition of MySQL 5.7 comes support for a JSON column type and support for this will be coming in Laravel …

News / October 01, 2015

Homestead now with PHP 7 support

Laravel Homestead just received a new update with support for PHP 7 which is due out this month. If you are already using the PHP 5.x Homestead box, you can upgrade your installation to PHP 7.0 by cloning the php-7 branch of the laravel/homestead repository into a new folder: git clone -b php-7 Homestead …

Installing Zend Z-Ray on Homestead
Laravel Tutorials / August 24, 2015

Installing Zend Z-Ray on Homestead

For the past week or so I have been running Zend Z-Ray in Laravel Homestead. Every time using it, new features come to light that are fantastic for debugging your apps in development! What follows is a quick preview of Z-Ray, along with all the steps necessary to install it on Laravel Homestead.

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Laravel Tutorials / August 04, 2015

Learn how to setup a Mac for local PHP development

I wrote up a new tutorial on my personal site about how to set up a Mac for local PHP development. I use Homestead for my VM and cover the installation and setup of it as well. Give it a read.

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Laravel Tutorials / July 28, 2015

Backup all your Homestead Databases

Some people, myself included, run multiple sites from one Homestead instance. As the number of sites grow so do the databases and if your Homestead Vagrant box ever gets destroyed you will lose all your databases. This issue is most annoying when you have databases that are for apps without migration and seeds. Jacob Graf …

News / July 23, 2015

Homestead no longer drops databases on provision

Laravel Homestead, the official pre-packaged Vagrant box, just received a new update to the way it reprovisions the box. Previously, to add a new site you could either use the serve shortcut from within the VM or add your new site to the yaml configuration file and then reprovision. The problem with provisioning the box …

New Feature: Setup Homestead Per Project
News / June 22, 2015

New Feature: Setup Homestead Per Project

Over the weekend, Homestead received a new update that allows you to run it on a per project basis. Previously Homestead was designed so that you install it once on your system and share all your sites within the virtual machine. Joe Ferguson created the pull request to help get this feature implemented and he …

Laravel Packages / June 05, 2015

Homestead Skeleton Package

Joe Ferguson released a new Homestead Skeleton that allows you to have a homestead environment per project. The purpose of this is package is to easily provide the Laravel Homestead Vagrant environment without having to rely on using the homestead command line application. Another use case would be if you do not have / do …

Two packages to easily install PHPCI in Laravel Homestead
Laravel Packages / April 22, 2015

Two packages to easily install PHPCI in Laravel Homestead

A few weeks ago Mike Bronner wrote a tutorial on how to install PHPCI, an open source continuous integration application, in Laravel Homestead. His tutorial demonstrated the manual way of installing it by going through all the steps required. Since this post two new packages have been released to automate this process. The first is …