Useful Laravel Packages Video Course (sponsor)


January 6th, 2020


Useful Laravel Packages is a comprehensive video course teaching you how to use the most popular Laravel Packages to jump-start your web applications.

It includes over 100 videos with 18+ hours of content along with code examples for each video. Andre does a great job of explaining things and always provides practical examples to help you understand the benefit of the package and how to use them within your Laravel app.

There is a list of all the videos on the landing page. Andre includes all the official Laravel packages like Nova, Passport, Horizon, and Telescope, popular packages like Debugbar, Laravel Backup, and Laravel Permission, and a bunch of other useful packages from people in the community. There are also a bunch of free videos available on Andre’s YouTube channel to preview the course.

Pick up Useful Laravel Packages today and get 30% off as part of his launch sale.

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