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Laravel Release Process
News / updated: February 27, 2018

Laravel Release Process

At Laracon 2013 in Washington D.C., Taylor announced the first official release cycle for the framework.

The way releases are setup is that a new version of Laravel is released every six months, one around June and another at the end of each year. Bug fixes are provided for six months and security fixes for one year.

By having an official release cycle, it allows us end users to plan around when we need to perform upgrades and also the dev team a way of knowing what is coming and when. Since this announcement, all new releases have followed this schedule.

With the release of Laravel 5.1, a new cycle was added to offer long term support. It includes bug fixes for two years and security fixes for three.

This means 5.1 will be the only LTS version available until the two-year mark ends, June 2017. At that point, another LTS version will be announced. Here is an outline for the release schedule:

Proposed Release Schedule

5.1 LTS – Jun 9, 2015

Bug fixes until June 2017, and security fixes until June 2018.

Laravel 5.2 – Dec 21, 2015

General release of 5.2 which includes 6 months of bug fixes, 1 year of security.

Laravel 5.3 – Aug 23, 2016

6 months of bug fixes, 1 year of security.

Laravel 5.4 – January 24, 2017

6 months of bug fixes, 1 year of security. Here is a look at the new features coming to Laravel 5.4

Laravel 5.5 LTS – August 30, 2017

This is the current LTS release. At this point, Laravel 5.1 will no longer receive bug fixes but will continue getting security fixes until June 2018. Check out the what’s new in Laravel 5.5 series to see all the new features in this release.

Laravel 5.6 – February 7th, 2018

Laravel 5.6 features logging improvements, Single Server task scheduling, Dynamic Rate Limiting, and many more new features. Check out the what’s new in Laravel 5.6 series to see all the new features in this release.

History of Laravel Releases

Version Release Date
V1 June 2011
V2 September 2011
v3 February 2012
v4 May 2013
v5 February 4, 2015
v5.1 LTS June 9, 2015
v5.2 December 21, 2015
v5.3 August 23, 2016
v5.4 January 24, 2017
v5.5 LTS August 30, 2017
v5.6 February 7, 2018

Please keep in mind this is just a general guide and versions can change. My hope is this clarifies any confusion around how the release schedule is setup.

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