Laravel Packages / July 28, 2015

Teamwork – User to Team Associations for Laravel

Teamwork is a package that allows you to easily setup user to Team associations for the Laravel 5. Teamwork is the fastest and easiest method to add a User / Team association with Invites to your Laravel 5 project. Besides the associations it only includes an invite system.

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Laravel Tutorials / June 02, 2015

Booting Eloquent Model Traits

Simon Archer posted a new tutorial on booting Eloquent model traits: If you have a static function on your trait, named boot[TraitName], it will be executed as the boot() function would on an Eloquent model. Which is a handy place to register your model events. Read the full tutorial if you’d like to find more …

Laravel Tutorials / May 13, 2015

Query Debugging

I wrote a tutorial on debugging Laravel queries over on Scotch.io. I go through three different ways, from ->toSql, DB listen, and finally the more advanced with the debugbar.

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Laravel Tutorials / March 31, 2015

Tutorial: Ordering belongsToMany by Pivot

Jason Gilmore has a new tutorial showing a way of ordering belongsToMany relationships by the pivot table. When declaring a belongsToMany relation in Laravel, you can optionally include the withTimestamps method to indicate the pivot table’s created_at and updated_at columns should be updated whenever a new pivot table record is inserted or updated. But how …

Laravel Packages / March 12, 2015

Esensi Model Traits

Esensi Model Traits is a collection of “common sense” utility traits you can use to extend Laravel’s default Eloquent models and traits. The goal of the package is to quickly and easily add validation, purging, hashing, encrypting, attribute type juggling, soft deletes, and even simplified relationship bindings to Eloquent. I asked Matthew Malinowski what problems …

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