Homestead Fifty Six
News / March 15, 2019

Homestead Fifty Six

Homestead Fifty Six is a development environment for PHP 5.6 and 7.0 by Homestead maintainer Joe Ferguson.

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Add Your Own Aliases to Laravel Homestead
Laravel Tutorials / August 29, 2017

Add Your Own Aliases to Laravel Homestead

Laravel Homestead ships with some aliases that get copied into your Homestead virtual machine when you provision it. These aliases are available inside the virtual machine, and you can also add your aliases as well so that you have the same aliases in Homestead that you might use on your local setup. I’ll quickly show you how you can add your aliases.

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Homeboy Allows You to Automate Adding Sites to Homestead
Laravel Packages / July 07, 2017

Homeboy Allows You to Automate Adding Sites to Homestead

Homeboy is a new package for Laravel Homestead that allows you to quickly add a new local development site. Once you run the command line tool it will update your host file to point your dev domain, update your Homestead.yaml file to include mapping to for the new project and create a database mapping, and finally, it’ll re-provision Vagrant.

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Homestead V5.0.0 Is Released
News / February 28, 2017

Homestead V5.0.0 Is Released

A new version of Homestead has been released: version 5.0.1. The base box has been upgraded to version 2.0.0. Holy version numbers Batman! In keeping with Semantic Versioning for both Homestead and Settler, the number of changes warrants a major version change. For the most part (Your mileage may vary, but I’m sure it’s easier …

Homestead Now Includes Mailhog
News / February 07, 2017

Homestead Now Includes Mailhog

A new Homestead base box has been released: Version 1.1.0. This release includes a new local mail handing system named  Mailhog. The grunt-cli npm package is now installed globally, OPcache is now always invalidated, and finally we added some package-cleanup to the build process to lower the download size of the final compressed base box. …

How to Use Old Versions of Laravel Homestead
Laravel Tutorials / December 29, 2016

How to Use Old Versions of Laravel Homestead

There are two parts to Homestead: the Vagrant box and the Homestead source code (Homestead app). The Homestead Vagrant box is a snapshot of a preconfigured virtual machine ready to use. This saves you from having to spend time installing things such as PHP, NGINX, etc. We use the Laravel Settler repo to build the …

Laravel Homestead 4.0 is released featuring support for PHP 7.1
News / December 05, 2016

Laravel Homestead 4.0 is released featuring support for PHP 7.1

Laravel Homestead the Vagrant box for easily running Laravel on any platform has just released v4.0 that includes support for PHP 7.1.

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Laravel Packages / March 09, 2016

LaraDock Homestead for Docker

LaraDock is a Laravel Homestead Docker project that aims to bring Homestead to Docker. LaraDock strives to make the development experience easier. It contains pre-packaged Docker Images that provides you a wonderful development environment without requiring you to install PHP, NGINX, MySQL, REDIS, and any other software on your local machine. Last week I covered …

News / March 03, 2016

Laravel Homestead v0.4.2 is released

A new version of Homestead is now released and it includes updates to the Personal Package Archives (PPA) and the inclusion of Mcrypt which many PHP apps require. You can get the latest version by running the following from terminal: vagrant box update –box laravel/homestead

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Laravel Tutorials / March 03, 2016

Docker for Laravel Homestead

For all the Docker fans, Derek Bourgeois has created laraedit-docker, a Dockerized version of Laravel Homestead. Installing the LaraEdit container is as simple as running a docker pull with laraedit/laraedit once you have docker installed. Here is a video Derek put together showing it in action: You can find more documentation on the GitHub repo.

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