Snipe Migrations Laravel Package
Laravel Packages / February 21, 2019

Snipe Migrations Laravel Package

Snipe Migrations is a Laravel package by Dustin Fraker for “blazing fast” database migrations for tests.

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Laravel Migrate Fresh Command
Laravel 5.5 / April 07, 2017

Laravel Migrate Fresh Command

You may be familiar with the migrate:refresh command that allows you to rollback and re-runs all of your migrations. This helps when you need to rebuild your database during development. Coming to Laravel 5.5 is an improvement on this with a new command named migrate:fresh. The difference between “refresh” and “fresh” is that the new …

Laravel 5.4.17 is released
News / April 03, 2017

Laravel 5.4.17 is released

Today Laravel released v5.4.17 and it includes several new features including a Collection Times method, improvements to the migrations, and more. Collection::Times() Thanks to Joseph Silber the Collection system received a new “Times” method that allows you to do things like this: $slugs = Collection::times(5, function ($number) { return ‘slug-‘.$number; }); // [‘slug-1’, ‘slug-2’, ‘slug-3’, …

Export from MySQL Workbench to a Laravel Migration
Development Tools / November 18, 2016

Export from MySQL Workbench to a Laravel Migration

MySQL Workbench is a cross-platform GPL app that allows you to fully design and document your databases through the app. Brandon Eckenrode, created a plugin that allows you to export a MySQL Workbench model to Laravel 5 migrations that follow PSR-2 coding standards. When exported, each migration is generated and saved in its own, properly …

Export from Sequel Pro to a Laravel Migration
Development Tools / November 16, 2016

Export from Sequel Pro to a Laravel Migration

The two primary ways developers create their database scheme is either by building migrations first or building out their database structure in a tool like Sequel Pro first, then once they are happy, create the migrations. If you are in the second camp and use Sequel Pro, Colin Viebrock created a Laravel Migration exporter tool …

Laravel 5.3: Rollback one migration
News / June 06, 2016

Laravel 5.3: Rollback one migration

A new feature has been added to Laravel 5.3 that will allow you to back out a single migration: php artisan migrate:rollback –step=1 This is a great feature for when you run a migration, and then you need you need to rollback or revert the last one instead of the whole batch.

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Laravel Packages / March 18, 2014

Generate Migrations from an existing database

Generate Laravel Migrations from an existing database, including indexes and foreign keys! This looks great. I’ve been working on a side project that was developed with another framework and it didn’t have any migrations. I started fresh with new migrations on a separate database. Then the plan is to build an artisan command to sync …

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