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Now that the roaring ’20s are in full swing and 2019 is in the rearview mirror, it’s a good time for us to share some of the stats and highlights from the last year. But before we do that I wanted to send a big Thank You to everyone that makes this site possible. The authors, the readers, the sponsors, the developers creating packages, and everyone else! Laravel News is only possible because of you and we can’t possibly show how much we appreciate you.

On the Laravel News site, traffic continued to increase and 2019 had the most visits yet! I believe a lot of that is because Laravel continues to grow throughout the world. Here are the stats that WordPress is reporting and I believe the actual traffic is larger but many developers are running blockers.

Besides the site traffic, all the other channels increased as well. The newsletter continued gaining subscribers, the podcast gained listeners, and we hope that in 2020 we can make everything even better.

2019 saw a lot of new content and here is a list of some of the cool packages, resources, and tutorials that came out over the year. Hopefully, it makes scrolling through and seeing the highlights easy.


MyCLI: A MySQL CLI with Auto-completion and Syntax Highlighting

If you use the MySQL command line tool, but also like things like auto-completion and syntax highlighting, you should check out mycli.

Accountant Laravel Package

The Accountant composer package is a Laravel accountably package for your Eloquent models by developer Quetzy Garcia. This package is a convenient way to keep track of Eloquent model changes.

Tips to Speed up Your Phpunit Tests

Having a fast test suite can be just as important as having a fast application. As a developer, getting feedback quickly about the state of your code allows for a much quicker development turnaround. Here we are going to run through some tips you can implement today to make your tests run faster.

Building a Tool for Laravel Nova

Nova Translation is a tool for Laravel Nova which allows you full control over your translations when using Laravel’s localization functionality.

Building a Laravel Translation Package

Learn how to build a Laravel Translation package

Laravel Translations Loader

Laravel Translations Loader is a web pack loader to import your Laravel translation files (PHP or JSON) by Luís Dalmolin and Kirschbaum Development Group.

reCAPTCHA Packages for Laravel

I recently needed a quick reCAPTCHA field for a public-facing form that I wanted to protect from bot spam. In the past, I’ve used a Laravel package from the community. However, I went hunting again for different Laravel packages that make setting up Google’s reCAPTCHA even easier than it already is.

Laravel-lang – Translations for Laravel

Laravel-lang is a collection of over 68 language translations for Laravel by developer Fred Delrieu (caouecs), including authentication, pagination, passwords, and validation rules.

Laravel Mailbox

Laravel Mailbox is a package by Marcel Pociot for handling incoming emails in your Laravel application.

Testing Integrations Between Third-party Webhooks and Local Applications

Let’s look at some strategies to test integrations between third-party webhooks and local web applications.

Cache TTL Change Coming to Laravel 5.8

Starting in Laravel 5.8, the time to live (TTL) used when passing an integer to cache drivers will be in seconds instead of minutes. We will go over what you can do now to be prepared ahead of the 5.8 release next month.

Laravel News Meets Tailwind CSS

You probably haven’t noticed yet, but the Laravel News website just got a fresh coat of paint. We just launched a full one-to-one CSS refactor using Tailwind CSS under the hood!


Laravel 5.8 Deprecates String and Array Helpers

Laravel 5.8 deprecated the global string and array helpers

Subdomain Multitenency Package for Laravel

Romega Digital released a package to make it easier to create subdomain-based multitenancy in your Laravel applications.

Vue 2.6 “Macross” Released

The Vue team announced the release of Vue version 2.6, which includes a new syntax for Vue slots.

Translate Laravel Languages with Google Sheets

Laravel Translation Sheet is a package by Nassif Bourguig for translating Laravel language files using Google Sheets.

Tips for Using Laravel’s Scheduler

Let’s go over a few concepts to help you understand the full power that you have at your fingertips with the Laravel scheduler.

Laravel Options Package

The Laravel Options package from Appstract is a global database key-value options store for Laravel.

Laravel Favicon Package

Laravel Favicon is a package by Marcel Pociot that enables you to create dynamic favicons based on your environment settings.

Laravel Tinker Server Package

Laravel Thinker Server is a package by Marcel Pociot that enables you to tinker with your variables in real-time while working on your Laravel app.

Building a Vue SPA with Laravel

In this series, learn how to build a Vue SPA.

Automatic Policy Resolution is Coming to Laravel 5.8

In Laravel 5.8 you won’t need to register policies in the ‘AuthServiceProvider’ class.

Snipe Migrations Laravel Package

Snipe Migrations is a Laravel package by Dustin Fraker for “blazing fast” database migrations for tests.

Laravel 5.8 Blade Template File Path

Compiled blade templates in Laravel 5.8 will include the blade template path for improved debugging.

Laravel 5.8 is Released

Laravel 5.8 is now released and available to everyone. This release includes several new features along with the latest bug fixes and improvements to the framework’s core.

Laravel Horizon 3.0 is Released Featuring a New Dark Mode

The Laravel team shipped Horizon 3.0 yesterday, featuring a new dark night mode and other improvements.


PHPUnit SpeedTrap

PHPUnit SpeedTrap is a package by John Kary that reports on slow-running tests in your PHPUnit test suite.

Laravel 5.8.3 Released

The Laravel team released Laravel 5.8.3 yesterday adding a ‘countBy()’ collection method and a few protected methods to Laravel framework classes.

Bagisto E-commerce Platform

Bagisto is an open-source E-commerce platform built on top of Laravel and Vue.js by Webkul.

GitDown Parsing Markdown in PHP

GitDown is a simple package for parsing (GitHub-flavored) Markdown in PHP by Caleb Porzio.

Laravel 5.8.4 Released

The Laravel team released v5.8.4 yesterday with a new collection join method and an HTTP Kernel middleware getter.

Sublime Text 3.2 Released

Sublime Text 3.2 builds off of Sublime Merge adding first-class Git integration, incremental diffing, new theme functionality around diffs, and block caret support.

Homestead Fifty Six

Homestead Fifty Six is a development environment for PHP 5.6 and 7.0 by Homestead maintainer Joe Ferguson.

Laravel Personal Data Export

Freek Van der Herten released a Spatie package last week to help you create zip files containing personal data in your Laravel applications.

Spatie Laravel Flash Package

Laravel Flash is a new package to flash messages, a message that is carried over to the next request by storing it in the session, in your Laravel apps. This package is lightweight with a simple API.

Tailwind 1.0.0 Beta Release

Tailwind announced the 1.0.0 beta release leading up to the upcoming 1.0.0 stable version. Learn more about the anticipated 1.0 release of Tailwind.

Laravel Postal Code Validation

The Laravel Postal Code Validation package by Choraimy Kroonstuiver makes validating postal codes is a breeze.

Laravel Vouchers

Laravel Vouchers is a package by Marcel Pociot that allows users to redeem vouchers that are bound to models.

Vue Devtools 5.0 Released

Vue Devtools 5.0 is here! Learn about what’s new and improved in the biggest Vue Devtools release yet.

Laravel 5.8.8 Released

The Laravel team released Laravel 5.8.8 yesterday with a new query builder method along with the latest fixes and changes in the 5.8 branch.

MailEclipse: Laravel Mail Editor Package

MailEclipse is a mailable editor package for your Laravel applications to create and manage mailables using a web UI.

PhpStorm 2019.1 Blade Debugging Support and a Laravel Code Style Preset

JetBrains announced the release of PhpStorm 2019.1 this week with debugging support for Blade (and Twig) templates and a new predefined Laravel code style configuration.


Laravel Blade Filters Package

Blade Filters is a Laravel package that adds the concept of filters to your Blade templates.

Unified Transform Open-source School Management Platform

Unified Transform is an open-source school management platform built with Laravel 5.5.

The 10 Best Laravel Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way of keeping up with your favorite topics and Laravel is no exception. As a community, we have a lot of great podcasts to listen to and in this post, we highlight ten of the most popular Laravel Podcasts.

v5.8.10 is Now Released Featuring a New Replicating Model Event

The Laravel team released v5.8.10 and this release includes two new features. A “replicating” model event and “NotificationFake” is now macroable.

Eloquent Cloner Package

Cloner is a trait for Laravel Eloquent models that lets you clone a model, and it’s relationships, including files. Even to another database.

Laravel Up and Running Second Edition

Matt Stauffer announced that his book Laravel Up and Running Second Edition is available in ebook format, and the print book should ship some time in mid-April 2019.

Laravel Search String

Laravel Search String is a package by Loris Leiva that generates database queries based on one unique string using a simple and customizable syntax.

Laravel 5.8.11 Released

The Laravel team released Laravel 5.8.11 yesterday with the ability to call date macros directly on the Date facade, a configurable lock on the local filesystem adapter, and the tracking of the exit code on scheduled event commands.

Laravel Craftsman CLI

Laravel Craftsman is a CLI for easily crafting Laravel assets for any project (artisan make on steroids) by Mike Erickson.

Laravel Money

In honor of Tax day in the United States, let’s look at a Laravel package for working with money.

Laravel SweetAlert

Laravel SweetAlert is a Laravel package by Rashid Ali that integrates the popularJavaScript SweetAlert 2 library with Laravel.

Podcast: The Laravel Origin Story

On the Build Your SaaS podcast Justin Jackson sits down with Taylor to talk about how Laravel got started and how it went from a side project into a full-time affair.

Laravel 5.8.12 Released

The Laravel team released the 400th release of Laravel (v5.8.12) yesterday with a new duplicates() collection method and other new features, fixes, and changes to the framework.

Guzzler Testing Library

Guzzler is a testing library specifically for Guzzle written by Adam Kelso.

A New Laravel Blade Error Directive comes to Laravel 5.8.13

Laravel 5.8.13 includes a new ‘@error’ Blade directive and a revert of the “in” and “not in” query builder.

Laravel Favicon Extractor

Laravel Favicon Extractor is a package by Stefan Bauer that provides a convenient way to extract a favicon from any website and save it to the configured storage filesystem in your project.

Laraberg Editor

Laraberg is a Laravel package by Maurice Wijnia that aims to provide an easy way to integrate the Gutenberg editor in Laravel projects

Junges Laravel ACL

Junges Laravel ACL is a package by Mateus Junges that helps you to associate users with permissions and permission groups.

Allowing Users to send email with their own SMTP settings in Laravel

In a recent project, I needed a way to allow users to send emails with their SMTP credentials. The goal with this was to give all the outgoing emails a more personal touch and look like it came directly from an organization versus a generic one for the web app.

Building a flash message component with Vue.js and Tailwind CSS

In this tutorial, I am going to walk through how to build a custom flash message component using Vue.js and TailwindCSS.


Testing Streamed Responses in Laravel

Let’s look at how Laravel helps us write controllers that force a user download without creating a file on the server and how to write tests for streamed downloads.

PHP Approves Short Arrow Functions

The PHP Core team has now officially approved the addition of short arrow functions and they are hoping to have this available in PHP 7.4.

Laravel Mix Alias

Laravel Mix Alias is an NPM package that provides a convenience method around WebPack’s ‘resolve.alias’ configuration.

Laravel Google Translate

Laravel Google Translate is a package that provides an artisan console command to translate your localization files with Google’s translation API.

Translate Missing Keys in Laravel with Auto Translate

Laravel Auto Translate is a Laravel package to translate your language files using a translator service.

Laravel 5.8.16 Adds New Migration Events

The Laravel team released Laravel v5.8.16 yesterday with new migration events and adds the ‘Renderable’ contract to the MailMessage class.

PhpStorm 2019.1.2 Released With Blade Debugging Fixes

The PhpStorm IDE v2019.1.2 was released yesterday with support for composer execution using Docker and a Blade template debugging fix.

Spread Operator for Arrays Coming to PHP 7.4

The RFC vote for spread operator support in Array expressions was overwhelmingly in favor of adding this feature to PHP 7.4.

Tailwind CSS v1.0 is released

Tailwind CSS, the utility-first framework, just released v1.0 and you can start using it today!

Laravel Process Stamps Logs the Process Used to Update Models

Laravel Process Stamp is a package by Tom Schlick which makes it easy to track which process created or updated a model record in your database.

Laravel 5.8.17 Released With a “Tappable” Trait

The Laravel team released Laravel 5.8.17 yesterday with a new Tappable trait, a dumpHeaders test method, and quite a few other new features.

PHP Insights

PHP Insights is the perfect starting point to analyze the code quality of your PHP projects. Carefully crafted to simplify the analysis of your code directly from your terminal.

Add API Keys to Your Laravel Models with Laravel Keyable

Laravel Keyable is a package by Liran Cohen that enables you to add API keys to any model and associate incoming requests with their respective model.

Laravel Enum Package for Generating enum-php Classes

Laravel Enum by Andrea Marco Sartori is a Laravel package for generating enum-php classes.

Laravel Views now support html as a file type in v5.8.18

The Laravel team released Laravel 5.8.18 with HTML as a valid extension option for views.

PHP Array Redactor

The Array Redactor package is a PHP library by Mark Townsend to redact array values by their keys.

Laravel Actions Package

Laravel Actions is a package which introduces a new way of organizing the logic of your Laravel applications by focusing on the actions your applications provide.

Bulk Insertion Performance Improvements in Laravel v5.8.19

The Laravel team released Laravel 5.8.19 with an update that improves performance on large bulk inserts with Eloquent.

Subscription billing with Laravel Cashier for Mollie

Laravel Cashier for Mollie is a first-party Cashier package—created and maintained by Sander van Hooft—which provides an expressive, fluent interface to subscriptions using Mollie’s billing services.


Laravel SNS Events Package

Laravel SNS Events is a package that allows you to listen to Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) webhooks via Laravel Events.

Using Dynamic Imports with Laravel Mix

In the latest release of Laravel Mix (v4.0.16), support for dynamic imports was added out of the box. Learn how you can use code-splitting to ship much smaller initial bundles (kilobytes instead of megabytes) and improve load-times significantly for those users.

Array Collapse Performance Improvement in Laravel 5.8.20

The Laravel team released v5.8.20 yesterday with a performance improvement to the Arr::collapse() method along with the latest weekly additions, changes, and fixes.

Git Stash and Rebase in GitHub Desktop 2.0

GitHub released GitHub Desktop 2.0, the next major version of their Git GUI client. This release includes two of the most requested features: stashing and rebasing.

Laravel Pipe Dream

Laravel Pipe Dream is a dev package by Anders Jürisoo to create Laravel application schemas rapidly.

A Package to Help set up SEO in Your Laravel Project

Easily set up SEO in your Laravel applications with the code4mk/lara-head package by Mostafa Kamal.

Composer Git Hooks

You can easily manage git hooks in your composer configuration file with the Composer Git Hooks package by Ezinwa Okpoechi.

Laravel Persistent Configuration

Laravel Persistent Configuration is a package by Paul Klimov that provides persistent configuration for Laravel.

Eager Load Relations of Morphed Models in Laravel 5.8.22

The Laravel team released v5.8.22 yesterday with a new morphWith() method to eager load relationships of morphed models. Learn about the latest new features in Laravel 5.8!

Debugging .gitignore

Sometimes you might create a file that is unexpectedly ignored by git. Although it doesn’t happen often, it can be tricky to figure out which .gitignore file is responsible for ignoring a file in your project. It is super easy once you know about a handy git command!

Video: Dries Vints on Maintaining Laravel

Have you ever wondered how the maintainers of Laravel manage the project? Dries Vints has created a video of him managing issues. The first part covers tips when you are posting new issues and the second part shows the actual issue handling.

Immutable PHP Currency Converter

The gocanto/converter composer package by Gustavo Ocanto is an immutable PHP currency converter that’s data-agnostic.

New Packages for Sending and Receiving Webhooks

Spatie released two new packages aimed at helping developers send and receive webhooks in Laravel: laravel-webhook-server and laravel-webhook-client. If you either need to provide webhooks to consumers of your application or if you need to consume them yourself, consider using these packages either independently or in tandem.

Laravel Factory Helper Command

The Laravel Factory Helper package by Marcel Pociot helps you generate Laravel test factories from your existing models.

Laravel 5.8.24 Released

The Laravel team released v5.8.24 yesterday with new TestResponse features and other miscellaneous quality of life improvements.

Laravel Blade Helper

Laravel Blade Helper is a package by Liam Hammett and provides an easier way to define custom blade directives.

Eloquent UUID

Eloquent UUID is a package by Matt Inamdar that is a simple drop-in solution for providing UUID (version 4) support for the IDs of your Eloquent models.

Composite Validation Rules

Validation Composite is a package by Paul Klimov that allows uniting several validation rules into a single one for easy reuse.

Output the route:list Command as JSON in Laravel 5.8.25

The Laravel team released v5.8.25 this week with the ability to output the route:list report in JSON format and improvements for asserting view data in tests.

Assertion Library for PHP

Assert is a composer package by Benjamin Eberlei which serves as a “thin assertion library for input validation in business models.”

Laravel Redirects

Laravel Redirects is a package by Andrei Badea that allows you to create simple or multiple nested redirects for your Laravel application.


Subscribable Notifications

Subscribable Notifications is a Laravel package by Peter Fox for adding unsubscribe links to notifications.

Laravel Homestead v9 Brings Back PHP 5.6 and 7.0 Support

The Laravel Homestead project tagged the release of version 9.0, adding back support for PHP v5.6 and v7.0 and added a new “feature” syntax to install optional services.

New Features for Querying Polymorphic Relations in Laravel 5.8.27

The Laravel team released v5.8.27 with a whereHasMorph() method to work with polymorphic Eloquent relationships (MorphTo).

Laravel Prequel is a Web-Based Database Management GUI

Laravel Prequel is a package by Quinten Justus that provides a database management GUI for your Laravel app.

Building a Vue SPA With Laravel Part 6

We continue this series finishing up the last part of basic CRUD in a Vue SPA: creating new users.

New Merge and Replace Collection Methods in Laravel 5.8.28

The Laravel team released v5.8.28 yesterday with new collection methods for merge and replacement, and the Tappable trait on TestResponse.

Laravel Model Settings

Laravel Model Settings is a package by Lorand Gombos to provide model settings configuration in a database field or a separate database table.

Fast Node Manager

Fast Node Manager (FNM) is a fast and simple Node.js version manager, built-in native ReasonML.

Circuit Breaker Pattern in PHP

Circuit Breaker PHP is a package by Leonardo Carmo which implements the Circuit breaker design pattern using Redis as the backend.

Laravel Media Package

Laravel Media is a package by Jack Robertson for attaching files to eloquent models.

Repeater Fields and Flexible Content for Nova

Flexible Content is a Laravel Nova package offered by Whitecube, allowing you to group several Nova Field Types into a single “Flexible Field”.

Laravel v6 Announcement!

Today at Laracon, Taylor announced Laravel 6 will be coming out in August and it will be version 6.0

Eloquent UUID Package for Laravel

Today we’ll look at another UUID package by James Mills which differs from the other package we’ve shared. The thing I like about this package is the use of a trait vs. using inheritance to accomplish adding UUIDs to models.


Reveal the Current File In Popular Code Editors

Frequently I want to look at the folder context of a file I am editing in my code editor. I often use shortcuts like “Go to symbol” or “Go to anything” to open a file most of the time. However, what if I want to see the context of the file within the project folders?

Laravel Firewall Package

The Laravel Firewall package by Denis Duliçi is a package with various different middleware that do things like prevent various types of attacks.

Tailwind v1.1

Tailwind v1.1.0 has been released with some cool new features and a couple of bug fixes. This is the first feature release since the v1.0 release and it comes with Screenreader utilities, Placeholder utilities, and much more.

Feature Flags for Laravel

The Feature Flags package for Laravel by Peter Fox helps you handle Feature Flags in your Laravel applications.

Nova 2.0.10 Released

Nova v2.0.10 is now released and it allows a correct sending of the editing and editMode parameters when creating, updating, attach and updating requests attached by Nova.

Tailwind.run() Online Code Editor for Tailwind CSS

Tailwind.run() is an online service by Utkarsh Kukreti providing “fiddle” or “pen” style features for Tailwind CSS in the browser, even allowing build-time configuration features interactively.

Add Social Reactions to Model with Laravel Love

Laravel Love has been reimagined and now has more advanced features that we thought it worth looking at the package again.

Aire Form Builder Package for Laravel

Aire is a Laravel form builder package by Chris Morrell with features like data binding and an expressive syntax.

Laravel Cashier 10 Released with Compliance for SCA Regulations

The next major version of Laravel Cashier (v10) was released yesterday with significant improvements including support for new Stripe APIs and support for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations in the EU.

Confident Laravel

The creator of Laravel Shift and Laracon speaker Jason McCreary announced the release of his course Confident Laravel – from no tests to confidently tested.

Build Modern Single-page Apps with Inertia.js

Earlier this week Jonathan Reinink announced the first release of Inertia.js (v0.1), a framework for quickly building modern single-page React and Vue.js applications using classic server-sider routing and controllers.

On-the-Fly Hashids with the Eloquent Hashids Package

Eloquent Hashids is a package by Mohammad Ali Tavassoli that give you on-the-fly hashids for Laravel Eloquent models.

Laravel Web Tinker

Laravel Web Tinker is a package by Spatie for running the Laravel Tinker REPL (read-eval-print loop) environment in your browser.

New Email Validation Rule Options in Laravel 5.8.33

The Laravel team released v5.8.33 this week with new capabilities added to the email validation rule, along with the latest changes and fixes for the Laravel v5.8 release.

Talks and Photos from Laracon US 2019

Some Laracon US 2019 videos are now available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure (seriously, these are some fantastic talks). Along with videos, the community now has access to thousands of photos of the event as well!

Laravel Custom Casts Package

The Laravel Custom Casts package by Vladimir Ković enables you to make your own custom cast types in Eloquent models.

Laravel HATEOAS Package

Laravel HATEOAS is a package by Günther Debrauwer which exposes the authorization logic of your REST API using HATEOAS links.

Eloquent Subquery Enhancements in Laravel 6.0

Coming to Laravel 6.0 is a few improvements to Eloquent Subqueries. In this post, Jonathan Reinink covers all you need to know about the changes and how to utilize them in your app.

Ignition Is the New Error Page for Laravel

As part of Laracon EU 2019, Freek Van der Herten and Marcel Pociot announced their latest open-source package, Ignition.


Laravel 6 Is Now Released

The Laravel team is proud to announce the release of Laravel 6 and it’s now available to everyone.

Laravel Cashier Mollie V1 Is Now Available

Laravel Cashier for Mollie officially released version 1.0 earlier this week!

Running make:auth in Laravel 6

You might have noticed after installing a fresh Laravel 6 application that the ‘make:auth’ command no longer exists. We’ve received lots of messages and emails about this very issue, so I thought I’d write up a quick tutorial on generating auth scaffolding in Laravel 6.

11 Benefits of Tailwind CSS

I’ve been using Tailwind CSS professionally almost every day for nearly two years. I love using it and it’s made my development workflow so much better. So I thought I would share some of the benefits I’ve gained by using Tailwind over a traditional framework or custom CSS.

Testing Time with Carbon and the Test Time Package

Test Time is a package by Spatie that provides a helper for Carbon v2 to control the flow of time in PHPUnit tests.

Laravel Queue Driver for RabbitMQ

Laravel RabbitMQ is a package by Vladimir Yuldashev that provides a Laravel queue driver for RabbitMQ.

Laracon US 2019 Speaker Interviews

This year at Laracon US in NYC Bill Condo sat down with each speaker and did a quick interview. Those have all been posted on our podcast and you can listen to all the interviews in your podcast app of choice or online.

AMQP is a painless Way to Use RabbitMQ with Laravel

The anik/amqp package by Syed Sirajul Islam Anik is a php-amqplib wrapper that eases the consumption of RabbitMQ.

Video Platforms Parser

The Video Platforms parser PHP package by @chojnicki is an easy-to-use SDK for multiple platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, and more.

ClamAV Anti-Virus Validator for Laravel

ClamAV Validator is a Laravel package by Krishnaprasad MG that provides a custom virus validator based on ClamAV antivirus scanner for file uploads.

Register Multilingual Routes in Laravel

Laravel Multilingual Routes is a package by Chin Leung to register multilingual routes for your application.

Mask Sensitive Data With the PHP Masked Package

Fuko\Masked is a small PHP library by Kaloyan Tsvetkov for masking sensitive data by replacing blacklisted elements with a redacted value.

GitHub Announces Dependency Graph Support for PHP

GitHub announced new dependency graph support for PHP repositories with Composer dependencies. This means that PHP repositories will get security alerts, automatic security fixes, dependency insights, and more.

Laravel Stats 2.0 is Here

Laravel Stats 2.0 was released recently with a bunch of changes and exciting features!

Laravel Error Page Illustrations

Laravel Collective has created a package so you can pull the Laravel Error illustrations back into your Laravel project.

Getting Started With Tailwind CSS Custom Forms Plugin

Tailwind CSS Custom Forms is a plugin built to provide better default styling for form inputs and make it easier to customize them inside a project using Tailwind. The styling the plugin provides is compatible with all browsers down to IE11 and completely accessible due to really nice focus states.

Laravel Scopes Generator

The laravel-make-scope package by Samson Endale adds a make:scope command to the Artisan console.

Laravel Fireable Attributes

Laravel Fireable is a package by Boris Lepikhin that provides “an elegant way to trigger Laravel events based on attributes changes.”

Scheduled Task Events Added to Laravel 6.0.4

The Laravel team announced the immediate availability of Laravel v6.0.4. This release includes scheduled task events, a new JSON assertion method, and all the latest changes.

ClamAV Scanner for Flysystem

ClamAV Scanner for Flysystem is a package by Michael Griego that scans files for malware using the ClamAV antivirus engine.

API Logger Package

API Logger is a Laravel package by @aungwinthant that helps in debugging API logs.

A new tool for self-taught developers (sponsor)

AnyMod is a new service with hundreds of ready-to-use modules (“mods”) that act as a fast starting point for your work: CMS, themes, forms, marketing sections, and more. You can add mods to any site (any tech stack) and they work automatically.

Laravel Geocoding

Geocod.io the geocoding service created by Mathias Hansen has just released a PHP and Laravel library for integrating with the service. It includes geocoding, reverse geocoding, and data matching for US and Canadian addresses.


Advanced State Support for Laravel Models

Laravel Model States is a Spatie package by Brent Roose that adds advanced state support to Laravel models.

Eager Lazy Collections Added to Laravel 6.1

The Laravel team announced the immediate availability of Laravel v6.1.0 with a new eager() method added to Lazy Collections along with the latest updates for Laravel 6.

Now UI Dashboard Preset for Laravel

The Laravel Frontend Presets GitHub organization has a frontend preset for Now UI, a Bootstrap 4 admin template.

Focus Lab: The branding work behind Laravel 6

Focus Lab released a case study on the branding work behind the new Laravel logo and site design that launched with v6.

Testing API Validation Errors With Different Locales

Have you ever wondered how to provide API validation errors and translations for different locales? This beginner post will show you how to get started with setting a locale in a stateless Laravel API and testing various locale validation messages.

Laravel Ignition Introduces the ddd() Helper

Laravel Ignition introduces a global ddd() helper available in all Laravel 6 installations and applications that have Ignition 1.9+ installed.

Automatic Tenancy For Your Laravel App

The stancl/tenancy package provides automatic multi-tenancy for your Laravel application.

New Password Confirmation Flow for Logged In Users in Laravel 6.2

Laravel released v6.2 yesterday with a new password confirmation feature that enables you to require a logged-in user to re-enter their password before being allowed access to a route. Let’s take the new feature for a spin so you can see how it works.

Laravel API Resource Links

Laravel Resource Links is a package by Ruben Van Assche and Spatie that adds links to your Laravel API resources without a hassle.

Mute and Unmute Model Observers With Unobserve

Unobserve is a Laravel package by Stephen Lewis to mute and unmute observers at will.

Laravel News T-Shirt

Back in 2015, we had this custom lettering commissioned for a shirt and it’s been a fan favorite ever since. Today we are happy to bring those for purchase.

Send Notifications for Exceptions with the Notifiable Exception Package

Notifiable Exception is a Laravel package by Andrea Marco Sartori to send notifications for certain exceptions.

Callable Container Objects Added to Laravel 6.2

The Laravel team released v6.2.0 last week with a new password confirmation flow for logged-in users, and callable container objects. Let’s go over some of the other new features we haven’t covered yet, now that the release notes are available.

Sign In With Apple for Laravel Socialite

Laravel Sign in With Apple is a socialite package for integrating Sign in with Apple.

The Array Cache Driver Now Supports Locking in Laravel 6.3

The Laravel team released v6.3.0 this week with locking added to the array cache driver among a few new quality of life additions and fixes.

Prompt Users to Login When they Have an Expired Session with the isAuth Package

Laravel IsAuth is a Laravel package by Emre Dipi that provides control to check if a user session is dead before submitting forms. If the session is dead, a modal will prompt the user to login.

Laravel Postcodes: A Service Wrapper Around Postcodes.io

Laravel Postcodes is a package by Steve McDougall that provides a validation rule and macro for validating post codes

Laravel Mix Preload

Laravel Mix Preload is a Laravel package by Sebastian De Deyne and Spatie that adds preload and prefetch links based on your Mix manifest file.

Laravel Notification Channels

Laravel Notification Channels is a collection of custom notification drivers for Laravel. This is likely the most extensive collection of notification plugins for any framework.

Laravel 6.4 Released

The Laravel team released v6.4 this week with a password reset security fix and the latest new features.

Route Usage Package for Laravel

Route Usage for Laravel is a package by Julien Bourdeau for logging route usage patterns in your Laravel application.

Learn to Start Testing Your Existing Codebase (sponsor)

Confident Laravel is a course by Jason McCreary that takes you from a project with no tests to confidently tested. Buy it today and learn to build better Laravel applications.

Useful Laravel Validation Rule Packages

Laravel Validation Rules is a GitHub organization containing a collection of useful validation rules that you can pull into any project quickly and not have to write them yourself.

A REST Client Inside Your Laravel Projects

Laravel Compass is a package by David H. Sianturi providing a REST client inside your Laravel project.

Laravel 6.4.1 Released

The Laravel team released v6.4.1 this week with the latest additions, changes, and fixes.


HTTP Client That Handles Retries and Logging

Gustavo Ocanto created an HTTP client on top of Guzzle that handles retries and logging.

Laravel Events No Longer Requires Images

When adding your event to Laravel Events it no longer requires an image.

Monitoring Your Laravel App with Scout APM (sponsor)

Scout APM is excited to launch support for Laravel apps. They’ve been monitoring thousands of Ruby, Python and Elixir apps for years and are thrilled to be bringing their developer-centric tools into the PHP community. Here’s an overview of how to get up and running with Scout in just a few minutes.

Laravel 6.5 Is Now Available

The Laravel team released v6.5 this week with the latest new features and changes.

Laravel Multidomain Package

Laravel Multidomain is a package by @gecche that allows a single Laravel Installation to work with multiple HTTP domains.

7 Tips to Prevent, Detect, and Fix Bugs In Your Code

Let’s go over seven tips for writing better code.

How the Laravel Release Process Works

In this tutorial, learn how the Laravel release process works, the move to semver, and more.

Laravel Validator Object-Oriented Wrapper

The Laravel Validator object-oriented wrapper package by Krzysztof Rewak provides a map of all string rules into chained methods.

Laravel 6.5.1 Released

The Laravel team released v6.5.1 this week with the latest changes and fixes for Laravel 6.x

Create Flexible Notifications with Laravel Notify

Laravel Notify is a flexible flash notification package for Laravel by Arthur Monney.

Send Laravel Notifications as a Phone Call

Nexmo Voice Channel is a package that adds a notification channel to Laravel using Nexmo’s voice API.

Send Users a Welcome Notification to Set an Initial Password

Laravel Welcome Notification is a new package by Freek Van der Herten to send a welcome notification to new users.

Laravel Installer Updated With Auth Scaffolding

Taylor Otwell released a new feature for the Laravel Installer v2.3.0 which includes the auth scaffolding using the new –auth flag.

Laravel 6.5.2 Released

The Laravel team released v6.5.2 this week—this version is a patch version release, containing mostly changes and fixes.

Automate App Setup with Laravel Initializer

Laravel Initializer is a convenient way to automate installing and updating a Laravel application.

Automate Future Notifications and Reminders with Laravel Snooze

Laravel Snooze is a package by Thomas Kane, which simplifies automating future notifications and reminders in Laravel.

Trix Editor for Laravel

Laravel Trix is a configurable Basecamp Trix Editor (WYSIWYG) delivered effortless to your Laravel application

Laravel V6.6.0 is now released

The Laravel team released v6.6.0 this week with improvements to the “ResponseFactory::view()” method so you can utilize view first, a new “assertDeleted” method for database testing, and more.

PHP 7.4.0 is now Released!

The PHP development team announced the immediate availability of PHP 7.4.0 and it comes with numerous improvements and new features including Short Arrow functions, spread operator for arrays, typed properties, and more.

Learn JavaScript with Wes Bos

Beginner JavaScript is a new premium course by Wes Bos that will teach you modern JavaScript from scratch. No frameworks, no libraries, just the core language that everything else builds on. If you master JavaScript any framework will be much easier to master.


String and Array Helpers for JavaScript

Grafite Helpers is a collection of JavaScript string and array helpers for Laravel developers by Matt Lantz.

Easy Implicit Route Model Binding Coming to Laravel 7

In the next major release of Laravel coming in February 2020, you can customize implicit route model bindings directly in the route definition.

Laravel Translation Scanner

The vemcogroup/laravel-translation package by Henrik B Hansen scans your applications for translations and creates your translation JSON files.

NPM Package to Automate Installing the Tailwind CSS Preset

The use-tailwind-preset NPM package by Christopher Pitt is a tiny helper that installs the Tailwind Laravel preset.

Laravel and MySQL 8: Fixing MySQL Server Has Gone Away Error

If you’ve tried to upgrade your Laravel applications to use MySQL 8, you might have run into a “MySQL server has gone away” error that left you scratching your head. Let’s go over how to fix it and start using MySQL 8 with Laravel!

Statamic v3 Open Beta

The Statamic team recently launched its first open beta for v3 of the flat-file CMS and they are ready for you to give it a try.

25 Years of PHP with Rasmus Lerdorf

The keynote speaker at this year’s PHP Barcelona conference was Rasmus Lerdorf the creator of PHP and he gave an excellent talk about the history of PHP, PHP 7.4 & 8, career advice, motivation, burn-out and focusing on things that really matter.

5 Ways of Battling Form Spam

Form submission spam seems to be an inevitable problem. As soon as bots find your forms they will start hitting it with spam submissions. In this article, let’s take a look at five common ways of fighting back.

Crater: Open-Source Laravel Invoicing App

Crater is a free, open-source invoice app for freelancers and small businesses made with Laravel 6.x, VueJS, and Bootstrap 4.

Ably Broadcast Driver for Laravel

Ably Broadcaster is a Laravel package by Matthew Hall that adds support for the Ably real-time messaging service.

Laravel 6.7.0 Released

The Laravel team released a minor version v6.7.0 this week, with the latest features, changes, and fixes for 6.x.

Laravel Package to Work With Paddle.com

Laravel Paddle is a package by @pascalbaljet for working with the Paddle.com API and webhooks.

Laracon VIII Is Coming

Taylor Otwell dropped a big Laracon VIII announcement at the end of last week.

Tinkerwell Web

Marcel Pociot released a web version of Tinkerwell which allows you to run PHP and Laravel code from your browser.

Laravel 6.8.0 Released

The Laravel team released a minor version v6.8.0 this week, adding useful test response updates, along with the latest features, changes, and fixes for Laravel 6.x.

Laravel Shift Blueprint

Laravel Shift Blueprint is a code generation tool for Laravel developers by Jason McCreary.

Eloquent HasManyDeep Package

This extended version of Laravel Eloquent’s HasManyThrough allows relationships with unlimited intermediate models. It includes support for many-to-many and polymorphic relationships.

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